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Using AI Prompt Club to Engineer Your Prompts

Prompt Club is a free and fast tool for developers and prompt engineers to try out new prompts for ChatGPT and work on unlocking the full capabilities of generative AI. It's a developer playground with a prompt editor that prompt engineers can configure and use to create and save prompts or generate code or text. Prompt Club users can modify the AI by selecting the model of AI currently being used and adjusting settings like the temperature (how creative the AI will be in its responses) and the maximum number of tokens used.

The AI Prompt Club tool is designed with prompt engineers in mind to streamline the workflow of creating prompts, simplify storing prompt templates to use across large language models, and easily track and manage what's already been created so you don't write the same prompt several different ways by accident.

How Does Prompt Club Work?

Prompt Club is simple to use once you know how it works. Just configure the playground settings in your AI Prompt Club dashboard by choosing the AI model you're using from a dropdown menu; everything from text-ada-001 to gpt-4 is included. Then, use the sliders to choose the temperature and the maximum amount of tokens to be used between your prompts and the generated response. You can also dig into details like the top P, which modifies the word set used based on probabilities, and set stop sequences, which tell the AI to stop generating.

Once you have everything set up, use the text box to start typing out the prompt. You can save and reload prompts at any time. You can also add more text boxes and prompts and run them all at once, allowing you to compare multiple versions of a prompt easily. Once you're satisfied with the results, you can share your prompts with others.

The overall goal of this free prompt playground is to be a helpful tool for prompt engineers and developers who often use large language models to find new ways to experiment with these generative AIs to get the best possible results with less prompting to save any input money and tokens on other prompts.

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