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Computer Science and AI Tutorials and Essays

Here, you will find essays on a variety of subjects ranging from red-black trees to linked lists. Some of them even include source code that you can download to explore the concepts presented in the essay. You can find a complete list of these source code items at the Source Code Repository. (Please see this note about our source code.)

Basic Computer Science: It is essential to have a good understanding of the basics before learning something such as Artificial Intelligence. These essays provide a smooth transition from simply knowing how to use a programming language to knowing how to program. They make a very good next step up from the C++ tutorials at

General Artificial Intelligence: These essays cover the basics of widely used artificial intelligence topics, such as neural networks and the genetic algorithm. Also covered here is Artificial Life, an interesting sub-field.

Chess Artificial Intelligence: Although some people may say that Chess AI is dead, the field is far from over, and new developments are still arising from research. Still, it is a very well-covered topic and makes for a wonderful way to learn how to apply AI concepts in a specific field.

Go Artificial Intelligence: Those who know of it call go the new frontier of computer strategy. Most of the traditional methods used in chess work poorly in go, making it the subject of exciting new research in vision, human decision-making, pattern matching, neural networks, and the genetic algorithm.

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