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Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence Programming, the newest and most exciting field of computer science!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the research aimed at creating thinking, more independent computers. Because of AI, computers today are assisting experts in fields ranging from medicine and pharmacology to weather, economics, and internet research.

Even though great leaps have been made in AI from its beginning, the complexity and sophistication of today's AI computer systems aren't anywhere near that of the human mind. Still, computer scientists are always looking to the goal, that AI Horizon!!

Artificial Intelligence and Games

People have always been fascinated by games, and computer scientists are no exception. In recent years, computers have become extraordinarily good at playing many different types of games, often dominating humans in many fields, but there is one have of gaming in which humans still reign dominant: strategy games.

The human mind has qualities exercised in strategy board games that computers have yet to match quite so well: using intuition, developing strategies, matching patterns, visualizing goals, and so on. Even with the great speed and power of the computers of today, computer systems are still far away from matching humans in those respects.

Thus, strategic gaming is a fertile ground for the growth of Artificial Intelligence. It contains many challenges and obstacles in a nice, controlled environment in which to test the computer systems. The solutions to these obstacles and problems are priceless and can be used in AI systems for many other uses.

This is why AI Horzion dedicates two sections to the two of the most difficult classic strategy games in the history of the world: chess and go. Together, these two board games represent crowning acheivments of the human mind, demonstrations of the awesome dexterity of human thought. And they are goals to reach. In their solutions lie many concepts that can make great advances in Artificial Intelligence.

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