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Using a Prompt to Play Chess With ChatGPT

Whether you're new to chess or you've been playing for years, you can play against an AI chatbot to build up your skills. There are two AI methods chess players commonly use: Beginners often prefer a visual interface, like a real chess game, while advanced players may choose to play using chess notation instead.

One beginner-friendly AI chess tool is ChessGPT, which works like any game of online chess on the front end; behind the scenes, it's powered by ChatGPT. It's easy to use tools like this one because you have a visual representation of the board in front of you at all times.

Higher-level players may prefer to use a prompt to play chess with ChatGPT. ChatGPT is a popular AI option for chess players because it's a bit more interactive. Playing this way requires you to communicate directly with the AI to tell it your moves. It's relatively simple to get started playing chess using this large language model. All you need to do is write a simple prompt asking for what you want, like this:

  • I would like to play a chess game with you. You play with white, and I will play with black. You move first.
  • I would like to play a chess game with you. You will play with black, and I will play with white. I move first.

Once you choose whether you want to start the game yourself or let ChatGPT take the first move, it will gladly accept your challenge. You'll need to input your moves using standard chess notation, and the AI will do the same. It may even explain its strategy or comment on how your moves will affect its strategy along the way, which can help you to improve your game. ChatGPT knows all of the rules of playing chess as well as a wide range of strategies from experts, so you may just find it to be a formidable opponent!

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