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How AI Can Save Our Humanity - A TED Talk by Kai-Fu Lee

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing, causing many to consider its potential dangers. However, Taiwanese computer scientist and inventor of automatic speech recognition Kai-Fu Lee chooses to view AI more optimistically. In 2019, Lee gave a TED Talk in which he argued that AI is beneficial to our humanity and may even save it.

Key Points of "How AI Can Save Our Humanity"

Lee began his TED Talk by acknowledging AI's significant transformative power. He explained how, through processes like deep learning, AI has the potential to surpass human intelligence in several areas, including image recognition, speech recognition, and even driving. He then proceeded to detail how China and the U.S. working together on AI development can bring about significant advancements and wealth.

However, he goes on to explain that AI is not without its risks. Lee pointed out that as AI develops, it could lead to massive job losses and economic disparity. To counter these AI dangers, Lee argues that it is vital for humans to rethink our societal structures.

Lee details how AI may excel at repetitive tasks but lacks essential human qualities like creativity, compassion, and empathy. Embracing these qualities that AI cannot replicate will ensure humanity always serves a purpose by creating new jobs focused on compassion and understanding.

Lee also believes that, in time, humanity will be thankful to be rid of routine jobs. He argues that these types of jobs are not crucial to human fulfillment. In his opinion, love and passion drive humans, and AI can be a great tool to facilitate more meaningful careers in people's lives. Lee argues that professions like social workers, teachers, and creatives will thrive under AI technology. Should his prediction of increased wealth resulting from AI technology come true, Lee argues that it should be used to transform people's passion projects into sustainable careers. This is how Lee believes AI can save our humanity and what is truly important.

Watch "How AI Can Save Our Humanity"

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