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What is Playground AI?

Playground AI is one of the latest AI image generators. No two programs work quite the same, so for the best results, you need to be familiar with the platform and master prompts for Playground AI. This software sets itself apart from others because it offers several free generations. The program can generate images based on your prompts and get inspiration and instruction from an image you upload.

How to Use Playground AI

You'll notice a few tutorials on the site that will help you figure out the Playground AI dashboard. When you begin, select "Canvas," and from there, you'll have a choice: you can generate an image from scratch, which means you'll feed the AI a prompt, or you can provide the AI an existing photo and ask it to base the output on this image.

Let's assume you're generating an image from scratch. First, enter your prompt. We'll cover examples and ideas later, and you can also skim through pictures on the homepage for ideas. You can even copy and paste prompts from other artists and modify them to your goals. Next, look for the filter dropdown on the left side of the canvas. Choose a filter that best represents the style you want your image to be. On the left side, there's another important prompt box for aspects to exclude from the image. You might not be able to anticipate what to ask for. This could include specific colors, scenery, or other objects.

You'll notice on the right side that sliders allow you to give the image greater detail, and you can dictate how much guidance the AI takes from your prompt. The higher you slide these options, the longer the AI will take to generate an image. Once you've entered your settings, hit the generate button below your canvas and see what the AI gives you.

You might like the first results it gives you and can start to modify it. You might not like it at all. In this case, you can quickly regenerate the image. We suggest adding things you didn't want to the list of things to exclude, found to the left of the canvas.

If you are happy with the image, there are ways to expand and refine it. You can drag the canvas cursor around to make the image prominent. Ensure you leave a decent part of your canvas in the frame so the AI has something to learn from and the image expands appropriately. If there's a particular section you don't like, use the eraser at the top of the screen to remove it, then regenerate in that area. You'll have to reframe the generation canvas to center the erased area.

Prompts for Playground AI

There are limitless options in the world of image-generation prompts. In Playground AI, you don't need to use complete sentences. Here are a few suggestions that include directions you can use and personalize to your goals.

"Create a scene inspired by Star Wars with elements of steampunk included. Exclude: people, trees."

"Watercolors, portrait, exquisite features"

"Vintage mural, beautiful colors, peaceful, pastoral"

"Anime style witch, cat, glowing ears, unreal engine"

"Depict a shaman in the forest with a wolf."

"Illustration style, dark comics, astronaut, dog"

"Sea monster, epic background, royal style, myths"

More Info on Playground AI and Image Generators

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