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Prompt to Presentation AI

Creating presentations can take hours to get right, especially for presenters trying to create something innovative and entertaining to keep their audience's attention. However, thanks to the increasingly widespread use of generative AI to develop affordable options for creative and professional tools, starting a presentation from scratch doesn't have to be terrifying. Various generative AI tools are designed to create stunning presentations with 10 to 20 slides based on text prompts that will create layouts, add relevant text, include images and icons, and is easy to export to other programs like PowerPoint. These presentations won't be perfect. After all, they're based on one relatively simple prompt and don't include all the necessary details. Still, it takes the extra stress out of starting from nothing. It gives presenters an easy-to-edit starting point that they can tweak to their liking by changing out the photos, adding or deleting text, or even including extra slides with information the existing slides didn't cover. This will easily take half of the time it takes to create a presentation, leaving the presenter with more time to handle more pressing tasks.

Prompt to Presentation AI Programs

Several options are available for prompt-to-presentation AI programs capable of building complex presentations based on a text command. Some programs can also use prompts to help create outlines first so the presenter can take those generated outlines they didn't have beforehand and then turn them into a detailed presentation that hits all the bullet points provided in the outline. There's a generative AI presentation program out there for every specific need, so feel free to try a few different ones to see which ones are right for your unique presentation needs. Some of the most popular AI programs for creating detailed presentations are:

As AI evolves, these programs will evolve and become even more adept at creating better presentations no matter what subject matter is at hand. For now, these programs may need additional prompting and edits. Still, if creating an entire presentation from scratch seems too daunting, it can be a great tool to lessen the time it takes to create one and reduce the stress of ensuring it's organized correctly.

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