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Prompt to Logo AI

Logos are essential for business, no matter what industry you are in. These eye-catching images create a brand identity, make a strong impression on customers, and help your company stand out from competitors. But when your business is just starting out, you may not have the extra money to hire a professional graphic artist. Fortunately, technological advancements have led to the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) image creators. These sophisticated programs can generate stunning logo designs at little to no cost to you with nothing more than a simple prompt.

What is a Prompt?

If you plan on using a prompt to logo AI feature, it helps to know what a prompt is and how it works. In short, prompts are the instructions you supply to the AI program so that it knows what to create. There is no need to learn complicated coding to construct prompts as you write them in simple language. The AI image generator uses a system known as natural language processing to interpret your meaning and create the result.

Tips for Using Prompt to Logo AI Features

Since these AI systems are still advancing, the results may not always be perfect. The reason is that many people leave too much room for interpretation when writing their prompts. Some people may only write a prompt like "Create a logo for [company name]." This vague description could result in an endless variety of logo images in different designs, colors, and styles without any guarantee you will like any of them. However, it can be useful if you are brainstorming some basic ideas.

If you have a clearer image in your head of how your logo should look, you'll need to include the necessary details in the prompt. Here is a basic template you can use to create logos in AI:

"Create a [type] logo of a [subject] in a [style] style. Include [additional details]."

You'll need to replace the words inside the brackets with your specific requirements before submitting the prompt to the AI. Let's break each one down so you have a firm understanding of how to fill in each field.


The word "type" in the template simply refers to the type of logo you desire. Some examples of logo types include:

  • Wordmark - A wordmark logo is a type of design that uses only the company name and writes it out in a unique way. Examples include Google, Coca-Cola, and FedEx.
  • Letterform - Letterforms are stylish one-letter logos that most commonly use the first letter of the company name. Examples include Netflix, Facebook, and McDonald's.
  • Monogram - Monogram logos are created using company initials. Examples include CNN, HBO, and IBM.
  • Symbol - Symbol logos, sometimes referred to as pictorial marks or brand marks, are unique images/icons that represent the brand and are based on real-world objects. Examples include Target, Apple, and Instagram.
  • Abstract - Abstract logos are similar to symbol logos in that they use images/icons, but abstract logos are not based on real-world items. They are more metaphorical. Examples include Nike, Pepsi, and Adidas.
  • Mascot - Mascot logos use illustrated characters to represent their brand. Examples include Colonel Sanders for KFC and Mr. Peanut for Planters.
  • Emblems - Emblem logos are reminiscent of crests and use both text and image designs. Examples include NFL, Harley-Davidson, and Warner Brothers.
  • Combination Marks - Like emblem logos, combination marks use text and images in their design but don't use the crest or badge shape. Examples include NBC, Taco Bell, and Lays.


The "subject" is the focus of your logo. It can be a person, place, thing, or idea. For example, in the Apple logo, the apple would be the subject. In the McDonald's logo, it would be the letter M.


If you have a particular vision for your logo, you must specify the desired art style in your prompt. Doing so will help ensure the AI image generator gets as close as possible to how you envision the logo. Some examples of art styles include:

  • Pop Art - Pop art is a style that uses bright colors and recognizable imagery from popular culture.
  • Art Nouveau - This art style uses earthy colors, intricate patterns, and bold lines.
  • Minimalist - The minimalist style takes a restrained approach to design using primarily neutral colors and crisp imagery.
  • Synthwave - An 80's inspired style that uses neon colors, grids, and wireframe vector graphics.

Additional Details

Additional details are any aspect of your logo that you want to include. This could be colors, shading preferences, shapes, etc.

Prompt to Logo AI Image Generator Examples

  • Create a mascot logo of a robot in a synthwave style. Include neon blue colors.
  • Create a letterform logo of a B in a minimalist style. Include black and white colors.
  • Create a monogram logo of a C and F in an art nouveau style. Include shadowing.

Prompt to Logo AI Image Generator Tools

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