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Prompt-to-Essay AI Tools

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology advancements pose a moral dilemma for many students. AI's natural language processing systems can provide students with many benefits for writing essays, but specific uses can be considered blatant cheating. While you should never use an AI tool to write your essay completely, it can be helpful in other ways. There are several ways AI can be used to enhance the quality of your work ethically. To do so, however, you must first understand how to use prompts for English essays.

Using a Prompt to Write an Essay

AI tools rely on text-based prompts to work. These are the instructions you supply the AI so that it knows what to output. This may sound simple enough, but getting the right results requires a bit of know-how when crafting your prompts. When creating a prompt to write an essay, be sure to:

  • Keep it concise, specific, and clear
  • Construct the prompt as a command, not a question
  • Include any necessary context or details
  • Evaluate the results and rewrite your prompt when necessary

Following these guidelines will help ensure you get the results you need from the AI. But exactly what kind of results can you get? Prompt-to-essay AI tools can be used to conduct research, create outlines, proofread text, and clean up clunky sentences. These are all effective ways of using a prompt to write an essay ethically.

Examples of prompts for English essays include:

  • "Proofread this text: [text]."
  • "Rewrite this sentence to be more clear: [text]."
  • "Create an outline for an essay about [topic]."
  • "List the main themes of [book]."
  • "List symbolism examples from [book]."
  • "Summarize the life of [author]."
  • "Create a bibliography of [books]."

All of these prompts can be used to increase your productivity without having an AI write your essay for you.

Prompt-to-Essay AI Tools

  • ChatGPT - ChatGPT can help write an essay in numerous ways. You can use prompts to have it conduct research, draft an outline, proofread your writing, and much more.
  • Grammarly - It is essential to ensure your essay is free of any grammar or spelling mistakes, and Grammarly can help. This AI-powered tool will highlight problems in your writing and suggest how best to fix them.
  • Jasper - Jasper is one of the best AI tools for essay writing. The features can rewrite sentences you're struggling with and point out grammatical errors for you to fix to enhance the overall quality.
  • WordAi - WordAi is an effective AI tool for taking wordy or complicated sentences and rewriting them to be more precise and more concise.
  • Ryter - Ryter is an AI tool that will not only enhance the quality of your writing but help you develop a comprehensive outline to get started.
  • Writesonic - If you need to add some structure to your essays, then Writesonic may be the AI tool for you. Writesonic provides grammar and readability tools while helping you rephrase sentences for better quality.
  • Dr Essay - This AI writing tool includes a rewriting tool, research assistant, reference generator, and more to make your essay writing as efficient as possible.
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