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Prompt-to-Animation AI

Animation is about bringing stories to life by combining hundreds, if not thousands, of still images in quick succession to create something that appears to be moving on the page. It's a beautiful medium, but it can take hours to perfect just a few seconds of animation because each and every minor movement needs its own still image created. This arduous process is the only way animators can successfully give off the illusion that the figure is moving. Fortunately, AI is making the process far easier for animators. Several large language models have popped up recently that allow users to type in a prompt containing keywords that indicate what needs to be included in the animation. After the prompt has been submitted, the model will generate it. This AI-powered approach takes hours off of the animating process, so users have plenty of free time to work on other tasks associated with their animation.

Prompt-to-Animation AI Models to Try

Generative AI models are quickly becoming a popular online option for professionals and casual AI users. The ability to type in text prompts and get stunning visuals or detailed outlines almost instantly is impressive and has proven effective for numerous people. It's especially true in the animation industry, where it can take hours to fully animate a few seconds of a clip. The shortened time makes it easier for animators to meet deadlines that must be maintained to hit goals. With prompt-to-animation AI models, users can now type in a few specific keywords about what they want to see, such as attributes, parameters, colors, shapes, sizes, or textures, to get the large language model to spit out a design similar to what the user is looking for. This can be a great starting point for animators and drastically reduce the time spent drawing each frame. Some great starting points for AI animation models that only require some keyword prompting include:

These prompt-to-animation programs are just a few examples of what AI can offer animators. Other animation models do similar processes where users upload a source image or video instead of providing prompts. All of these AI innovations have become great methods for animators to work through their frustration. As AI continues to grow and evolve, more of these AI animation models will likely start popping up and helping animators as they grow and continue their craft.

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