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AI Detection

With the rise of so many natural language processing tools like ChatGPT on the marketplace, it's easier than ever to generate blog posts, articles, and even essays. However, their use isn't always beneficial in the long run. Students who use these tools to write their essays aren't learning the necessary information that they'll need to know in the future and people who use these tools professionally aren't improving their skills. That's why it's beneficial for teachers and editors to run the content through an AI detector to ensure the student or writer is taking the time to learn and improve on their skills instead of just assuming these natural language processors and chatbots can do the heavy lifting for them.

Use an AI Detector To Ensure Content Reads as Human Written

The best way to double-check that content reads as human-written is to utilize an AI detector. There are plenty of options to choose from, with more joining the landscape constantly, so there are plenty of different ways to check that somebody sat down and wrote it themselves. To use these detectors, copy and paste the writing into the detector and click a button. They all work differently in how they read and rate the text given to them, but the outcome is the same. It will give you a general idea of whether or not ChatGPT or any similar AI program created the writing. Here are a few detectors that have proven to be effective:

While these tools can detect plenty of AI written contact, it's essential to remember that they are not foolproof, especially if the content is considered dry by nature. The best way to be sure is to cross reference the writing through multiple detectors to gain a consensus and to read it over to see if it reads unnaturally.

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