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Prompts for Creating a Flowchart in ChatGPT

ChatGPT can be useful for a lot of tasks, but one that you might not have thought of is creating flowcharts. Because ChatGPT is a text-based application based on a large language model, it can't create a visual diagram directly, but it can give you text or code that you can use to create a flowchart using other tools.

Here are some examples of prompts for creating a flowchart in ChatGPT:

  • Give me a text description of a flowchart explaining [process].
  • Generate a flowchart showing [process] using valid mermaid.js syntax.
  • Create XML code for a flowchart that I can import into Here is the information you should use to create the flowchart: [instructions].
  • Generate code to create a flowchart in code2flow explaining [process].

Once ChatGPT generates the text or code, look it over to make sure that the information is correct and easy to follow and that you haven't left out any information that you need to include. Once you're satisfied with the results, you can use this text or code to make your flowchart.

Options for Creating a Flowchart With AI

A variety of AI-powered generators allow people to create flowcharts quickly and easily. Some of them give you easy-to-use tools to make your flowchart yourself using the text outline that ChatGPT provided. Others allow you to import code generated by ChatGPT and let the tool create your flowchart itself. AI tools you can use to create a visualization of your flowchart include:

No matter which AI tool you use to create your flowchart, combining one of these tools with the power of ChatGPT can greatly reduce the amount of time you'd need to spend on making a flowchart on your own.

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