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Are AI Smarter Than Humans?

All of the new advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have led to a rise in questions about how AI will be used and whether or not it is more intelligent than humans. This new technology can change lives in various ways, from work to leisure. 

AI is more intelligent than humans in achieving goals in multiple industries. It learns and performs some tasks much faster than humans can. However, that doesn't automatically mean that AI is smarter than humans.

The answer to "Are AI smarter than humans?" is a resounding no. While it may be more intelligent than some humans, experts suggest that humans are still smarter than AI for the time being.

 Humans can comprehend complex emotions, think abstractly, and change in an ever-changing world. AI is technically still a machine programmed by humans using codes and algorithms and is still prone to errors. 

This doesn't mean that humans will always be smarter than machines. AI is a sector of the technology sphere that is rapidly developing and processes information billions of times faster than humans. Humans have evolved their base thought patterns and processes over millions of years, but AI can do it much faster and can process information and store larger amounts of it in half the time. So while humans are still better than machines at looking at an issue from different perspectives and solving complex questions, as these systems advance, they could become better at dealing with these situations in a more human-like manner. In that case, AI can transcend human intelligence, but experts disagree on whether this will likely occur.

In the meantime, AI is not more intelligent than humans, but it is faster than humans. This makes AI ideal for streamlining tedious tasks that often take humans hours to accomplish.

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