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AI Tools for Entrepreneurs: How to Bolster Your Business With AI

Large companies and organizations have harnessed the power of artificial intelligence, or AI, for years. But only recently have AI-powered tools become more widely available for smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Now, things like chatbots, generative tools, and predictive analytics software can provide cost-effective ways to make any business more efficient.

AI Tools to Boost Productivity

One thing no business owner has enough of is time. Luckily, there are a variety of AI tools for business owners to remove some tasks from their plates and let them focus their time on things that will help the business make more money and grow. For example, AI can be used to proofread documents, convert data into new formats, make graphics, and generate detailed meeting notes.

  • GPT for Google Sheets and Docs: Reformatting data or converting formatting between spreadsheets is frustrating work that takes up a lot of time. However, this extension for Google Sheets and Docs can make it much simpler and quicker.
  • Midjourney: All business owners need to promote their services and products, and the rise of social media as the dominant platform of promotion means that all entrepreneurs need to be content creators. Midjourney is just one of the many image AI generators that allow users to type in descriptions of what they want using natural language and receive images depicting their ideas. These images aren't always perfect but can be a great starting point for designing logos, packaging, or social media content.
  • OtterPilot: Writing up meeting minutes and distributing slides can be a shockingly time-consuming task. OtterPilot uses natural language AI to transcribe meetings into easy-to-read notes and can even insert slides from presentations automatically.

AI Predictive Analysis for Decision-Making

Business owners have long embraced taking a data-driven approach to decision-making, ranging from how to schedule their staff to what products to stock in what quantities. But with modern AI tools for business owners, you can lean on machine learning and predictive analysis to make better decisions. AI-driven data analysis is faster and often more accurate than similar work conducted by humans. For example, AI can be used to screen candidates in the early stages of hiring and create a robust talent pool for managers and owners to hire from. AI's deep learning functions can be leveraged to study a company's data and better understand inventory trends throughout the year so that the business can stay properly stocked. And AI tools for entrepreneurs can also help create models to help formulate budgets.

Using AI to Maintain a Competitive Business Edge

One huge benefit of AI is the ability to use it to gain an edge over competitors. Since AI's deep learning abilities mean it can efficiently and effectively analyze large quantities of data, it can quickly provide information about customer habits and purchasing patterns. Predictive analysis is what allows business owners to use AI to see future trends before they fully develop, which allows companies to properly plan for inventory management and make sure they are stocked with the right items. Another way AI can be used to gain a competitive edge is by using AI chatbots to provide 24/7 customer service. Just because the business is closed doesn't mean that customers shouldn't be able to access help for basic issues!

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