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AI Tools for Content Writing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just found in science fiction. Recent technological developments have made these artificial minds a very real aspect of our daily lives. While AI hasn't become a threat in the ways popular franchises like The Matrix or Terminator portray it, AI still has many people concerned about the future. Content writers, in particular, are nervous that AI's natural language processing features which allow it to generate text automatically will soon make their chosen profession obsolete. This, however, is not the case.

AI on its own will not replace writers. But, writers who use AI may replace the writers who do not. That is because AI is a powerful tool to be utilized.

AI tool features that content writers can take advantage of include:

  • Idea generation
  • Basic keyword research
  • Grammar and spell-checking
  • Outline creation
  • and much more

While benefits like these can help writers improve the quality and efficiency of their work, there is still a need for a human touch when it comes to content writing. AI, as it is now, cannot match the same level of creativity as human writers, nor does it excel at creating a unique voice or nuanced tone. Despite these limitations, several AI tools for content writing exist that can make the process much easier for human writers.

10 Helpful AI Tools for Content Writing


Writer is an AI writing assistant that markets itself as the only enterprise AI platform. It is designed to supply employees with suggestions during content creation to ensure every piece follows specific guidelines and is written in the brand's specified voice.


GoCharlie can help writers create all manner of content. This AI assistant has features to help writers generate blogs, social media posts, image captions, and more based on the keywords you provide.


HyperWrite is an ideal AI assistant for business professionals. Its extensive list of features includes tools to generate email copy, create social media ads, write blog intros, and even translate content into various languages.

Newsletters are a great way of keeping your customers informed and Rasa makes it easier than ever. This AI tool can automatically create content for your newsletter and even personalize the information for each subscriber.


Copymatic uses AI to create engaging and high-quality copy for your business needs. This AI tool for content writing can generate text for blogs, websites, social media, and marketing efforts.


Getting your content to rank well in search engines is tough, but Demandwell makes it simpler. Its AI features can generate SEO-optimized outlines for your content backed by AI-conducted keyword research.

Copy.AI is an AI tool for content writing that automatically generates compelling copy for blogs, links, and social media posts.


Grammarly has become a must-use tool for many content writers. This AI-powered software proofreads your comments for any grammar or spelling mistakes while providing helpful tips to improve your writing.


Jasper is an AI tool that can generate short-form content for landing pages, social media posts, blogs, and emails. Jasper can also help you rewrite clunky phrases or alter the tone of your piece.

LongShot AI

If you specialize in long-form content, then LongShot may be the AI tool for you. This tool writes lengthy blog posts while also assisting with your keyword research.

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