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AI Prompts and AI Tools for Car Mechanics

AI use in the transportation sector is expected to grow tremendously over the next few decades. It's already experienced a huge growth rate, especially in the areas of vehicle tracking and self-driving vehicles. But the latest models won't be the only vehicles to benefit from AI: When an older car is brought in for maintenance, AI can help mechanics do the job. Using AI in the automotive industry can make predictive maintenance easier, which can save customers money as well as increase their satisfaction. AI can also help mechanics to help their customers understand the condition of their vehicle and any repairs that are needed.

The Benefits of AI for Car Mechanics

AI for car mechanics may look a little different than it does for other industries because this is such a hands-on field, but AI can still have some big benefits. AI-powered tools can help mechanics to provide predictive maintenance by tracking a vehicle's condition and determining exactly when maintenance will be required, rather than just recommending tasks based on a set schedule. AI can also help with communication, making it easier to explain mechanical issues to customers and sales associates.

AI Prompts for Car Mechanics

AI chat programs like ChatGPT can be useful as a diagnostic aid as well as a text-generating tool. AI prompts for car mechanics may not be able to tell you exactly what's wrong with a car, but they could give you a good starting point if you're stumped. Prompts you might find useful include:

  • A [car make and model] won't start, even though the battery is brand new. Diagnose the issue for me.
  • Rewrite this to be clearer to someone who isn't a mechanic: [diagnosis of vehicle].
  • Explain why [problem with vehicle] needs to be fixed right away.
  • A [car make and model] is throwing DTC codes [code numbers]. Diagnose the problem and suggest a solution.

AI Tools for Car Mechanics

Companies are constantly working to create AI tools for car mechanics that can make the job easier and give customers a better experience. Many tools are still being developed, but some have already made waves in the industry.

  • Artemis is a tire inspection AI system created by UVeye that can detect tire damage, examine tread wear patterns and depth, spot rim damage, and check the pressure in each tire in just seconds.
  • CYTK is an AI-enabled mobile app designed to allow mechanics to access key repair information, specifications, and procedures from a mobile phone while they're working on a vehicle. The program can even help mechanics find the necessary parts, get pricing estimates, and order any parts that aren't currently in stock.
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