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Using an AI Story Generator Based on a Prompt

Thanks to AI technology, the days of having no time or energy to write out the story idea locked away inside your head are gone! Instead, you can use an AI story generator: Just type in your idea and the AI writes a story based on the prompt you came up with. Once you tell it your idea with as little or as much detail as you're able to come up with, including the plot, your ideas for characters, and any other important details you feel need to be included, it will either generate a short story or help you come up with a whole novel chapter by chapter, depending on what you're trying to accomplish.

Writing Your Prompt

When using an AI large language model to generate text for your story, you'll need to start by creating a prompt that tells the AI what you want it to do. Provide clear statements and plenty of details to help the AI take your idea and turn it into a story worth reading. Here are some basic prompt examples that may help you get an idea of how to get started:

  • Write a short story about a college-age boy who discovers a hidden talent he didn't know he had after a party.
  • Write the first chapter of a story about a couple who wake up one morning to find out that a disaster wiped out most of humanity overnight and now must learn to live in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Help me create an outline for a book aimed toward young children set in a world where animals can talk, but they're slowly losing that ability and need to find out why before they stop making sounds completely.
  • Write a poem about the feeling of just starting to fall in love for the first time.
  • Write a piece of sci-fi flash fiction about a crash landing on an unfamiliar planet.

Converting Your Prompt to a Story: AI Generator Options

Even though this technology is still relatively new, as it has become more popular, more and more prompt-based story generators have joined the tech landscape, so there are plenty of options to choose from, including:

Keep in mind that when AI writes a story based on a prompt, it will give you a rough draft, but you'll still need to go through it yourself and make edits. Machines lack the emotional core that makes stories resonate with people, and edits can also let you add your unique voice to what is generated. AI generators are a great way to get started when you're new to writing, but the results will be much better when you apply a human touch to the AI's output.

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