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AI Prompts for JavaScript Programmers

JavaScript is a programming language developers use alongside other coding languages, like CSS and HTML, to build dynamic websites, applications, and games. Many people looking to start learning coding languages start with JavaScript, and for those looking to improve their JavaScript skills, there are plenty of tools and resources online. But one learning tool that may not come immediately to mind is ChatGPT. This generative AI tool can create and debug a variety of types of code, including JavaScript. The code it generates isn't always perfect, but ChatGPT can help novices to easily create code for new projects or troubleshoot what they've already written. All you need to do to take advantage of AI's capabilities is to learn how to write prompts for JavaScript programming tasks.

Prompts for Creating New JavaScript Code

  • Complete this code I've started using JavaScript: [snippet of code]
  • Write a JavaScript function to [describe what the function should do]
  • Convert this code from Python into JavaScript: [snippet of code]

Prompts for Troubleshooting Your JavaScript Code

  • Act as a Web developer who is proficient in JavaScript. I'm getting the error message "[error message]. Debug this code: [code]
  • Debug this JavaScript code and list all of the mistakes in a bulleted list: [code]
  • You are an expert in JavaScript. My component is not updating correctly. Find the issue in this code: [code]
  • Identify any security vulnerabilities in this code: [code]

Prompts for Learning to Code

  • I'm new to JavaScript and looking for advice on how to improve my performance and write more efficient code. Give me some tips for writing efficient JavaScript code to create mobile apps.
  • Explain in plain language what this code does: [code]
  • Explain what [word] does in this snippet of code: [code]
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