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Prompts for Bing AI

Major search engines like Bing have always used a level of artificial intelligence (AI) to perform their search functions. With the rise of platforms like ChatGPT, they're adapting a more user-facing and intuitive AI chat experience. AI chat can help refine Bing search and dive deeper into results, as long as you know how to use prompts for Bing AI. AI prompts might seem self-explanatory, and they are to an extent! They are meant to help the user have a conversational experience with the AI, but knowing how to use prompts and what kind to use will help you unlock the potential of Bing's AI and make the most out of it.

Tips for Better Results

Bing's AI might give better answers if you use pre-prompts. That means giving it an instruction before you ask your initial question. There are two ways you can go about doing this.

First, you can ask the AI to ask clarifying questions before answering your question. You could phrase it like this: "[Ask your question.] Ask me clarifying questions before you answer to ensure you understand my question best." Many people have found that this results in more accurate or thorough answers.

Your other option is to ask the Bing AI to do a recursive search to help it learn and gather more details before answering your question. This is best used if you're asking a broad question that needs a little research to answer in detail. To prompt the AI to do this, tell it to "perform a recursive search at least 4 times" or "perform 4 recursive searches before answering."

Prompts for Bing AI for Different Tasks

Bing AI can do a wide variety of tasks that can help people in all manner of ways. Here are some things the AI can do for you and what kind of prompts to use to get the best results:

Summarize Long-Form Content

  • "Please summarize this URL. [paste it here.]"
  • "Summarize the information here [insert URL] using bullet points."
  • "Summarize the information here [insert URL] in paragraphs."
  • "Summarize this article [paste content here] into a few sentences.
  • Provide a detailed summary of [insert content or URL.]

Create/Identify Theories

  • "Please list several theories that could explain the following: [list your facts here.]

Explanations and Guides

  • "Write a step-by-step guide on how [your subject] works. Use a numbered list format."
  • "Answer my question using only information from [paste URL and content] and no other sources. [Insert your question here.]


  • "Please answer the following questions using 3 to 4 sentences and bullet point format."

Market Research

  • "Analyze the market for [your topic]. Create a chart listing each item, its cost [give your measurement, per lb., etc.], how it's made, and what type. [Add other parameters according to your needs.]
  • "Create six market personas based on people who buy [your subject.] Use any customer data you can find and give me a name, use case, and demographic information."
  • "Create a marketing pitch for each of my market personas. [Make sure the AI has the persona information.]"

Tech Support

  • Please tell me how to delete cookies on my [insert your OS here.]
  • How do I identify and delete apps that might slow down my [insert your OS here.]

Get Creative

  • Give me 10 novel ideas about an astronaut trying to garden on Saturn. Include the title and major plot points.
  • I have writer's block. Here is my first sentence [paste it here.] Please continue it.
  • Please create a 7-day meal plan for me with three meals a day and a maximum of 1500 calories per day. Please list each dish and its nutritional facts. I do not like broccoli, salmon, mushrooms, and onions. Please omit those.
  • Create a shopping list for my meal plan. Organize the list by aisle.

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