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How to Use an AI Photo Editor

Capturing the perfect picture continues even after you snap a photo. People use photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop to tweak and enhance their images until they're just right. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, this process is easier than ever.

Using Prompts to Edit Photos

The key to using an AI prompt photo editor is knowing how to write a perfect prompt. Prompts are the instructions you give to the AI, so it knows how you want to edit your photo. These instructions could include changing the lighting, altering a sky, or removing an object from the image. Whenever writing a prompt, make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Be clear and specific
  • Write your prompt as a command, not a question
  • Add any necessary details or context, including design, style, or lighting preferences
  • Rewrite your prompt whenever necessary to improve the results

These tips will help ensure your photo turns out exactly how you want. Examples you can use with AI prompt photo editor tools include:

  • "Change the timing of the day in the photo from [time] to [time]."
  • "Remove the [object] from the picture."
  • "Alter the city in the photo to be [city name]."
  • "Convert the photo into a [style] painting."
  • "Add [weather] to the photo."

These are just a few possible examples. The uses for an AI prompt photo editor are near limitless, so don't be afraid to hop into an editor and start writing your own.

AI Prompt Photo Editor Tools

There are several AI prompt photo editor tools to choose from. Each one has its own benefits that make it a better choice for your needs. Some of the top tools available are:

  • Luminar NEO - This AI-powered photo editor is a powerful tool for any photographer. Select the type of photograph you're working on (landscape, portrait, etc.), and Luminar NEO will provide you with the specific AI tools needed to make it look its best. You can correct skin blemishes in portraits, change the sky in landscapes, and more.
  • DeepAI Image Editor - DeepAI is already well known for generating images, but it can also help you edit existing ones. You can use prompts to tell DeepAI exactly how you want to edit the image for fast and easy results.
  • InstructPix2Pix - This easy-to-use AI photo editor is hosted on Hugging Face and relies only on prompts for edits. Drag and drop your photo into the editor, then type in a prompt detailing how you want it edited.
  • Fotor AI Photo Editor - Fotor is an image editor that has been around since 2012, and it has now added AI to its list of features. With Fotor AI, you can remove objects and backgrounds, automatically enhance your image quality, or turn your photo into a painting.
  • Pixlr - Pixlr will use AI to automatically analyze and enhance your photos for saturation, contrast, brightness, and color. Pixlr also includes a tool that makes removing distracting objects from your images fast and easy.
  • Problembo - The Problembo AI prompt photo editor allows you to easily upload photos and edit them using prompts to change faces, remove objects, alter hairstyles, and more.
  • Canva AI Photo Editor - Canva's AI-powered photo editor uses Magic Edit, which can instantly improve any photo. Use prompts to easily alter any image, whether changing a background or removing an object.

Steps to Editing Photos with AI

Since there are numerous AI photo editors, the process for using each will vary. However, nearly all of them will follow the same general steps. To use an AI prompt photo editor:

  1. Open the AI photo editor. Choose the AI photo editor you want to use and open the program.
  2. Upload your photo. Use the upload section to select the picture you want to edit and load it into the program.
  3. Make edits. After you have uploaded your photo, you can start making edits to it. Some AI photo editor programs will have a prompt section where you can type in exactly what you want it to do. Others will give you a list of tools for more specific touch-ups and changes. You can remove backgrounds, change colors, alter lighting, and more.
  4. Download and share. Once you're happy with your photo edits, you only need to download and share them!
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