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AI Prompts for SEO Keywords

Natural language processors like ChatGPT allow users to use commands called "prompts" to create answers specific to the command. For some people this is similar to getting details from a Google search, for others, it's writing entire emails or letters that contain important details and personalization. Many industries are adopting programs like ChatGPT to streamline and simplify the minor day-to-day tasks in the industry that often take up too much time and slow productivity. The SEO industry is one such industry that has found a lot of use in natural language processors, especially to generate keyword ideas. ChatGPT utilizes keyword research tools to determine which keywords are beneficial for a website or webpage. It can then provide the search volumes for those keyword phrases so that a person can better understand the value and importance of leveraging those words within the copy they create. AI is able to provide the bones of a content plan in less time than the average human would be able to do, making it a beneficial tool for any SEO content creator to use to optimize a website. However, to get the best results for SEO optimization, it is important to understand how prompts work and the best way to write the AI prompt keywords to get the results you desire.

ChatGPT can help speed up routine SEO tasks, such as finding quality keywords by typing detailed and specific commands and getting the result in seconds. Since it uses quality sources to get the answers you're looking for, SEOs can get a list of high-value keywords with good search volumes that are relevant to their industry in a fast and cost-effective way. The way to do that is to understand how AI prompts are written. AI prompts are commands that translate human language to a language that artificial intelligence can understand. This includes using simple, but specific words phrased as a command rather than a question and slightly different wording in the command may generate different responses.

When using ChatGPT to help with SEO keyword research, try several different commands to ensure you're getting the keywords you want. Since the program is still in its early days, doing your quality assurance on the suggested keywords is recommended. It's also beneficial to remember that ChatGPT utilizes your prompt history in the chat and that may affect the response you get. So, if you feel that the keywords you're being given aren't up to par with what you think will truly optimize the page and may not be in line with your research, start a new chat and see how that affects the answers.

AI Prompt Keywords To Use with Chatbots Like ChatGPT

Knowing where to start with prompts is the most important first step. Prompt engineering can sometimes be likened to being able to do a good Google search, a specific and detailed command will yield the best results. Some keyword-specific prompts that could help SEOs get started when first using ChatGPT or any other natural language processor include:

  • Act as an SEO expert with a detailed knowledge of keyword research, create a list of 10 high-value keywords related to [topic or industry]
  • Act as an SEO expert with a detailed knowledge of content marketing, go over this page [insert URL here], and create a list of bullet points on how it can be better optimized to meet the needs of the consumer.
  • Generate a list of 10 keyword ideas for [topic or industry] designed to appeal to [target demographic]
  • [Provide ChatGPT with several keywords you've found during your research] Organize these keywords into a numbered list with the high-volume keywords at the top and lower values at the bottom.
  • [Insert client URL] Generate a list of the top competitors for this page and curate their URLs in a bulleted list.
    • As a secondary prompt: Give me a list of keywords the competitors use on the URLs listed.

These suggestions just scratch the surface of what artificial intelligence can provide SEOs while doing keyword research!

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