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AI Art Generators

AI-generated art allows people who don't have great drawing or digital art skills to translate the images in their heads into real-world pictures. Usually, AI art generators work by having the users type in a description of the image they want the generator to create. The generator then makes the image. There are many different generators available. Although they mostly work the same way, each generator is a little bit different. Which generator a person should use depends on what sort of image they are trying to create. Some generators make very realistic photographs simply from the user's description. Other generators are better at more abstract or fantastic images. Some generators focus on creating images in a specific art style. For example, someone who wanted to write their own anime could find and use a generator that focuses on images done in an anime style. Other generators excel at combining multiple existing images to form the background of the user's creation. Artists who want to use their images in a video or reel can find generators that also offer video editing capability. People might also choose an AI art generator depending on what devices or programs they prefer to use when creating art. There are generators that have apps available for people who like to create on their smartphones or tablets. People who prefer software to websites also have many different options available to them.


Artbreeder has a very simple interface and is easy for beginners to learn. It's possible to easily combine multiple images into one using this image generator.


Craiyon is available to use online or as an Android app. The app makes it easier for people who want to create art on their phones.


DALL-E 2 is a second-generation AI image generator. Unlike the previous version, it's capable of making more detailed images from the text descriptions its users type into the interface.

Deep AI

Deep AI uses Stable Diffusion to create lifelike images from the words typed in by its users.

Dream by Wombo

Dream is one of the easiest AI generators to learn, making it a perfect starting place for beginners.

Dream Studio

Dream Studio is still in the beta, or testing, stage. However, it's capable of creating logos, pictures, photographs, and other types of art from text descriptions.

Fotor AI Image Generator

Fotor can create realistic-looking photographs from user prompts.


Midjourney is hosted on a Discord server, and users must join the social networking site to use the tool. However, artwork created with the tool has won awards, and it is considered one of the best art generators currently available.

Nightcafe AI Art Generator

Not only is this generator free, but it also offers daily challenges and other structured ways for users to improve their AI art creation skills.


Pixray can help you make art in a variety of styles, and you can also use its API to connect it to other websites or programs.

Shutterstock AI Image Generator

Unlike other AI art generators, this one was trained using Shutterstock's extensive database of publicly available images. Why does that matter? It means that this generator has a rich variety of images to pull from as it creates art, and all of the image references are ethically and legally available for use.

Starry AI

Starry AI offers apps for both Android and Apple devices. It also is capable of producing unique photographs using a description.

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