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AI Prompts and AI Tools for College and University Professors

Artificial intelligence has been growing and improving over the years, especially in the world of education. Plenty of opportunities and challenges have arisen, especially with the potential for students to use software like ChatGPT to write essays. However, college and university professors will find that there are plenty of benefits to using AI in the classroom. AI in higher education doesn't have to replace educators, but it can augment the tools they already have to make their class preparation efforts go more smoothly than ever before.

The Benefits of AI for College and University Professors

AI can be like an extra teaching assistant for professors. AI for college and university professors can use algorithms to analyze student data and learn about their learning styles and individual needs and abilities, then tailor its feedback and recommendations appropriately. This personalized learning experience can keep students motivated and engaged, which can lead to better academic performance; in turn, this can lower school dropout rates, as students who feel like they can succeed are more likely to stay in school.

Using AI in the classroom can also deepen students' knowledge of technology and prepare them for the future. Schools have always found new ways to use technology, like including smart boards in classrooms alongside chalkboards and whiteboards, and AI is no different. Introducing students to AI can help them prepare for how this and other emerging technologies will change the world and develop new problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

AI Prompts for College and University Professors

College and university professors may be hesitant to dip their toes into the world of AI, but using tools like ChatGPT can help to answer student questions, provide detailed feedback, plan lessons, and generate assessment materials. Some helpful AI prompts for college and university professors to get started with could be:

  • Generate ten open-ended questions about [topic at hand].
  • Create a list of potential tasks about [topic] for college students.
  • Examine the following essay and pick out any spelling and grammar errors: [paste in essay text].
  • Write a lesson plan about [topic] that achieves these learning objectives: [add your objectives].
  • Based on [essay/book/several paragraphs you've written related to your lesson], generate important topics that should be covered in the syllabus.
  • Write a short email script for a professor to check in on a student.

These prompts only scratch the surface of what educators can command ChatGPT to do for their classroom.

AI Tools for College and University Professors

What can make or break integrating AI into the classroom are the tools that professors opt to use. High-quality AI tools for college and university professors are designed to help students as well as professors to reach the learning goals they hope to achieve that year. Some innovative tools that have come out in recent years include:

  • Century: This platform uses data analytics to construct personalized lesson plans and learning goals for students. This means that professors don't have to spend as much time creating their own plans for their classes, so they have time to focus on other aspects of their job. This tool can also track the progress of every student and point out gaps in achievement.
  • Cognii: This is a language AI tool that can be used to provide one-on-one tutoring for students and help them form responses to questions related to what they've learned in class as well as help them improve their critical thinking skills.
  • Dragon Speech Recognition: For students and professors who find typing or writing to be a chore, Dragon Speech Recognition can be used to transcribe up to 160 words per minute, which mean professors can dictate their syllabus, lesson plans, reading lists, and worksheets they want to make for their students.
  • Gradescope: Professors can use Gradescope to make grading student work faster.
  • Alta: This is an AI tool specifically designed for higher education that uses adaptive learning technology to create personalized learning experiences for students.
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